Our machines and systems are used to process demanding raw materials such as cocoa, nuts and oilseeds as well as grain. The products produced on it meet the highest international quality standards in terms of organoleptic properties and food safety.

In addition to the central aspect of developing the best cocoa flavors through roasting, other important parameters such as process hygiene, energy consumption and environmental impact must be considered. The following processing steps are covered by FOOD MASTERS:

  • Cocoa bean cleaning
  • Cocoa beans and cocoa nibs conveying
  • Cocoa bean pre-treatment
  • Cocoa bean winnowing
  • Cacao nibs alkalization
  • Cocoa nibs roasting
  • Cocoa bean roasting
  • Cocoa powder grinding
  • Cocoa powder stabilization

Our extensive network in the industry also enables us to provide solutions for the areas

  • Cacao nibs grinding
  • Cocoa butter presses

to be realized in cooperation with well-known manufacturers and to combine the technologies into a turnkey processing system.