When processing nuts in particular, a range of different products is produced by crushing them. There are chopped, split and ground end products.

The chopping of the nuts can be achieved in several ways. On the one hand, systems are used that crush or chop the nuts using sets of knives. The chopping result, especially as far as the fines are concerned, is extremely dependent on the condition of the knives. In addition, the knife sets are very sensitive to foreign parts.

On the other hand, the NOCS chopping system makes another technology available. The nuts are not cut but broken along the cell boundaries of the nuts. This greatly reduces the undesired proportion of fines compared to knife systems.

Another advantage of the chopping system is the modular design of the system. Depending on the particle size desired, it may be necessary to use one, two or even three pairs of rollers. Each pair of rollers is a modular self-sufficient system and can be combined with other modules and pairs of rollers.


The chopping system NOCS

The chopping system NOCS uses a rotating roller system with a special surface geometry to enable an optimal crushing process. The necessary energy requirement of the system is far below that of a chipping system with cutting technology.

The chopping system NOCS

The chopping system NOCS

The modular design of the chopping system NOCS allows optimal and cost-effective adaptation to production requirements. By combining modules with different roller geometries, the system can be adapted to all customer requirements.

The chopping system NOCS

Chopping system NOCS

Here are the highlights of the chopping system NOCS:

  • Flexible combination of different roller geometries
  • one machine for a variety of products, such as nuts, chocolate
  • Easy and complete cleaning of the machine in minutes
  • Infinitely variable, quick and easy setting of the desired fraction without any tools
  • Almost no wear of the crushing rollers
  • Insensitive to impurities in the raw material such as stones
  • Significantly higher yield of the desired fraction compared to conventional cutting machines

Chopping system NOCS

The chopping system NOCS is available with the following capacities:

  • NOCS 500: 500 kg/h nuts or oilseeds
  • NOCS 700: 700 kg/h nuts or oilseeds