Our machines and systems are used to process demanding raw materials such as cocoa, nuts and oilseeds as well as grain. The products produced on it meet the highest international quality standards in terms of organoleptic properties and food safety.

Besides roasting technology other important process steps can be offered by FOOD MASTERS:

  • Grain cleaning
  • Grain conveyor technology
  • Grain and malt ensiling
  • Grain and malt roasting

Roasting changes the color and taste of grain of all kinds. The aroma formation requires a precise course of the roasting process. For this it is absolutely necessary to supply the energy required for roasting very evenly to the product to be roasted. Through the development and use of the new TET heating system, it is possible to introduce the heating energy into the product evenly over the entire length of the rotating roasting drum.

The color formation during roasting is of crucial importance in the roasting of malts. All special malts such as crystal malt, caramel malt and black malt or other malt qualities should be mentioned here, especially when roasting black malt with EBC values > 1000, it is necessary to use a special process control to control the color development in such a way that black color pigments and no burned product parts are produced.

The GMRS roasting system has all the necessary technical and procedural necessities. Due to the batch operation of the plant, it is possible to set and control the process engineering parameters in such a way that the desired color can be produced with extremely high repeatability.